Yunnan Golden Bud Black Tea (Yunnan, China)

Yunnan Golden Bud Black Tea (Yunnan, China)



Golden Bud Black Tea is produced in Yunnan Province from broad-leaf rough tea varietals that have been sun dried. This tea is picked as single buds in early spring and is processed using traditional techniques. The long, thin buds are tight and strong, and their jet-black colour highlights the beautiful, golden tendrils. The liquor is a rich, clear red and has a deep, fresh flavor. It is an incredibly fragrant tea, whose aroma lingers. Its buds turn bright and red during brewing.

Golden Bud Black Yunnan Tea is characterized by its signature golden colour and its needle-straight leaves. Its bright red liquor has an even, fragrant aroma and a fresh, sweet aftertaste. Furthermore, its unique geographical environment creates an excellent quality of tea that can be brewed many times.



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