Yunnan Ancient Wild-Grown Tree Black Tea (Yunnan, China)

Yunnan Ancient Wild-Grown Tree Black Tea (Yunnan, China)



Yunnan Ancient Wild-Grown Tree Black Tea is produced in the south-western region of Yunnan from tender buds and leaves picked from large wild trees aged between several hundred and one thousand years old. This unique wild black tea was carefully crafted using the traditional methods typically used for making black tea.

Ancient wild black tea leaves are robust and their buds are mostly golden yellow. When brewed, the tea’s aroma is fresh and natural, and it features notes of honeyed fruit. The liquor is colourful, clear and bright and it has red, orange and golden tones. To the taste, ancient wild black tea is rich, fresh and sweet, and the aroma lingers on the palate. Once brewed, the buds remain intact but soften in the water. You can continue to brew this tea around ten or more times and its fragrance will remain just as rich, creating a sweet taste sensation that will linger not only in your mouth, but also in your memory. As you continue to brew ancient wild black tea, its reddish tones deepen, its flavor enriches and its sweet aftertaste lingers.

Yunnan Ancient Wild-Grown Tree Black Tea is characterized by its intriguing wild fragrance and sweet aftertaste. Furthermore, the unique geographical cultivation environment creates an excellent quality of tea that can be brewed many times.



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