Tongmuguan Jinjunmei Black Tea

Tongmuguan Jinjunmei Black Tea


Tongmuguan Jinjunmei is a prestigious lapsang souchong black tea from Wuyi mountain in Fujian province. It is made of fresh young shoots from each stem of tea plant. Known as one of the most expensive teas in China, it is the world’s oldest black tea variety and originates in Tongmuguan village near Wuyi mountain.
The golden, yellow and black tea leaves have a dense and fluffy texture. The brew is bright golden and has a fruity and flowery flavour with a sweet after-taste.

Brewing Instruction: Add one pack of tea leaves into tea pot. After rinsing the tea, steep the first brew at 3-5 seconds. Take additional seconds for each subsequent brew until the tea gives a golden yellow colour.

Country of Origin: Fujian, China

Tea Type: Black Tea

Specification: 6g x 10 packs


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