Premium Traditional Deep Roasted Tieguanyin (Fujian, China)

Premium Traditional Deep Roasted Tieguanyin (Fujian, China)



Tieguanyin is produced in Anxi, Fujian Province, and is one of China’s top ten most famous teas. It is a variety of semi-fermented tea, and the leaves are picked in the autumn harvest. Tieguanyin tea leaves are short, stout, sturdy and even, and they have a deep emerald green colour. Its liquor is clear and golden. Tieguanyin has a lasting, rich fragrance, and it is fresh and crisp on the palate, with a sweet aftertaste. It is a tea that is full of character and boasts a rich orchid fragrance. When brewed, Tieguanyin leaves become plump, soft and bright, and the edges of the leaves appear to turn a reddish-gold hue. This tea is also well known for remaining highly fragrant even after repeated brewing.

Premium fragrant Tieguanyin is best known for its autumnal harvests, which provide heady and fragrant autumnal brews that are jade green in colour and heavily perfumed with orchid. At this time of year, the tea is sweet, and the sweet taste lingers on the tongue. It also has properties that help to improve digestion.




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