Organic Himalayan Black Tea (Nepal) 75g


Organic Himalayan Black Tea (Nepal) 75g

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Organic Himalayan Black Tea is a very special and extremely rare, natural, organic black tea. It comes from the western Himalayas at an altitude between 2000 and 3000 metres above sea level. Characterised by daily temperature range and long plantation period, melted water from the peaks offer a natural, extraordinary tastes of organic highland tea.

This, along with the fertile land and the favourable weather conditions, guarantees limited but top quality harvests, at several kilos a year and is regularly consumed by the local government. This black tea is extra mild and is suitable for all ages.

Brewing Method 

  • Due to extreme rare in nature, each steep should take around 6-8 gram only
  • Brewing temperature should be around 85-90C and brewing time should not take too long
  • After 7-8 times infusion, orange peels can be added to give a new twist of taste


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