Kungfu Black Tea


Kungfu Black Tea (Fujian, China)

This tea is a red infusion, with a lingering aftertaste and floral notes. It is made with the buds of premium Osamanthus that gives an amber-coloured infusion with a rich, full-bodied flavour. Kungfu Black Tea is cultivated in highland, geographically a premium location. With fertile soil and excellent climatic condition, this is the ideal place for tea cultivation. Kungfu Black Tea has received Gold awards numerous times in the Fujing city and province as well as in the Tea Straits Forum.

Preparation method:
Place 5g of tea in a traditional Chinese Gaiwan and add 150ml of water at 85–95°C. The tea can usually be infused up to 7 times.

Specification: 5g x 10 packs


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