Kungfu Black Tea


Qilan Jinjunmei is a red infusion with a lingering aftertaste and floral notes. Only the highest-quality ingredients are used to make this tea, which is produced once a year using the fresh shoots of tea plants grown at an altitude of at least 1,500 m in Fujian province. Tea growers hand-pick the light green needles of the spring shoots, which must be fresh and uniform in size. These cannot be picked during wet weather, and must be prepared on the day they are harvested. It takes 54000 shoot tips to produce 500g of top grade Qilan Jinjunmei black tea.

Qilan Jinjunmei black tea has won numerous awards for the past years – Gold award in the International Tea and tea culture exposition, Fujian province Best Tea award to name a few.


Brewing Instruction: Place 5g of tea leaves to a tea bowl, pour over 150ml of 85-95 °C hot water. This tea can be infused up to 7 times.


Country of Origin: Fujian, China

Tea Type: Black Tea

Specification: 5g x 10 packs



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