Enjoy Life Floral Tea Set (Afternoon) (12pcs)

Enjoy Life Floral Tea Set (Afternoon) (12pcs)


Rose tea (6 sachets)

Soothing Tea (6 sachets)



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Rose tea

Ingredients: Rose Corolla, Verbena, Hawthorn, Stevia, Orange Peel

Health benefits: This tea aids digestion and weight loss, relieves anxiety, improves complexion, reduces skin imperfections, improves circulation and metabolism and reduces swelling.


Soothing Tea

Ingredients: Easter Lily, Stevia, Peppermint, Liquorice, Semen Oroxyli, Globeflower

Health benefits: Good for quenching thirst, nourishing lungs, clearing lung-heat, soothing the cough, and relieving throat fatigue.