Deluxe Oriental Fine Lotus Tea Set

Deluxe Oriental Fine Lotus Tea Set


Our premium lotus flowers are planted in organic and alkaline running water, blossoming throughout the year. Lotus flowers give its pleasant characteristic and refreshing fragrance when it blooms. One of the most remarkable features of our lotus flowers is that it gives 9 different colors and 9 different scents attributed by the difference in cultivation methods and species.

Out of the 9 different species of lotus flowers, we select the one with the best quality and the most nutritional values. Its golden-colored appearance makes it exceptionally distinctive from other lotus flowers. To maintain its high quality, they are all freshly collected every morning before 10am, and processed within 3 hours after collection using vacuum pumps. It is sterilized at 120°C to ensure quality.

Premium lotus flowers are normally around 30 cm in diameter in bright colors. Lotus flowers contains lotus pollen, lotus honey, plant embryo extract as well as multiple beneficial amino acids, all of which are conductive to the betterment of our body’s condition. On top of that, lotus flowers also have plentiful mineral contents and microelements, including iron, zinc, manganese, potassium, sodium and vitamin C which could help fulfilling daily body needs. Apart from the traditional brewing method, lotus flowers have an add-on value of brightening and rejuvenating our delicate skin, revealing its anti-aging secrets.

After brewing, our lotus tea emanates its natural refreshing aroma of lotus seed. The delicate fragrance slowly merges as the aftertaste in spite of the temperature of water used during brewing.


For skincare use:

Keep soaking the brewed flower for more than 5 hours, squeeze the root until collagen gel appears. Apply the gel evenly all over the face and neck.


To help promote Chinese culture, the gift set is designed in superior luxurious Chinese classic style. The famous poem from Wang Changling of Tang Dynasty is selected to put on packaging. This makes the whole as a valuable gift.



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