Our Story

Royal Dragon Group (Hong Kong) Ltd. was founded in 2016 by Ms. Salley Lam, the co-founder of the world’s leading educational toys manufacturer, Eastcolight (Hong Kong) Ltd. Incidentally discovered the powerful healing effect of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, she decided to establish the brand of “Royal Dragon”. Through this prestigious brand, we aim at promoting the long and magnificent Chinese culture, traces back to five thousand years ago. We use our fine quality items to connect to the world and share with the others what we are proud of – bringing the best of Chinese culture, natural healing concepts and healthy products to the benefits of people worldwide, as well as to introduce the holistic well-being concept and products from the west to China.

Having the goal of promoting traditional Chinese culture, by combining traditional wisdom and contemporary sciences and opting for the best possible natural resources, we dedicate ourselves into every single piece of products, all wholeheartedly prepared by Royal Dragon. We wish to bring good health and happiness to our customers all over the world.

Royal Dragon’s emphasis on corporate social responsibility is equally important as our top priority on product quality. As an enterprise with strong social conscience, we have decided to donate half the profit of our company to charity groups to help people in need.

Don’t forget to share our fine products with your beloved friends and family. It’s our sincere and beautiful blessings from Hong Kong.

We look forward to – “Bring the best of China to the world. Bring the best of the world to China”.